A letter to my Son, Alfie.

Hey Alf, I can't believe you are going to be 4 tomorrow, where have those years gone?! You were the first person to call me Mummy and you'll always be my baby boy even when you're 50. You were the first one to hear what my heartbeat sounds like from the inside, you were the… Continue reading A letter to my Son, Alfie.


Zoflora & its many uses

I have recently discovered Zoflora and I can't believe that I haven't used it before! I love how clean and germ free it makes my house feel and the smell around my home is gorgeous! It comes in about 17 different scents in concentrated form. You then either dilute it in water or use it… Continue reading Zoflora & its many uses

Wedding Series

Wedding Series| Hen Party Gift Bags

As a little present for my friends and family on my hen weekend I put together little gift bags for them. I tried to make them reasonably cheap as I was making 11 of them and obviously had other wedding things to budget for. I ordered kraft paper gift bags online from The Works as… Continue reading Wedding Series| Hen Party Gift Bags

Wedding Series

Wedding Series | My Hen Weekend!

For my hen weekend myself, and 10 of my nearest and dearest went to a absolutely stunning house in Somerset called Fuzzy Orchard. We went for a weekend Friday-Monday in June (yes I know this blog post is very late!) We met at a local pub and all wore our hen do vest tops! we… Continue reading Wedding Series | My Hen Weekend!


Beauty & the Beast afternoon tea

A few weeks ago me and Jonny went to Old Down Country Estate in Tockington, Bristol for a Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea. It was so nice to spend a few hours alone with out the kids and to be able to chat and not be interrupted was lovely (and to have a warm… Continue reading Beauty & the Beast afternoon tea


My favourite cleaning products

As I said in my last post (top tips for making housework easier!) I have recently been trying new cleaning products and I am already loving them. I am obsessed with Method and Zoflora. I use Method Bathroom Cleaner to clean the toilets, sinks, showers and bath. It smells of Eucalyptus and mint and it leaves… Continue reading My favourite cleaning products


Lush’s Summer 2017 discons

I have been working at Lush for nearly 1 year now, I can't believe how fast a year has passed. I have witnessed Lush get rid of a few products since working there however this Summer discons list truly saddens me. A lot of these products are my favourites and I have served a lot… Continue reading Lush’s Summer 2017 discons


My top tips for making housework easier!

I used to struggle with the housework before finding a routine that worked well for me. I would do a few little jobs each day but then I found myself doing housework all the time. I have since started having Mondays as my housework day and I clean and tidy the whole house, having a… Continue reading My top tips for making housework easier!

Lifestyle · Motherhood

Guest Post: Working on your dream whilst raising children

Today on my blog I am very lucky to be publishing a guest post from 'Crime Writer of the Year 2016' Emelie Schepp. Emelie Schepp worked in marketing and publicity and raised her two children with her husband in Sweden before self-publishing her first crime novel Marked for Life. Marked for Life became a bestseller and in… Continue reading Guest Post: Working on your dream whilst raising children


The Original Ginny Moon | Book Review

When I was asked to review Ginny Moon I was very excited to get stuck into a new book. I haven't reviewed a book before so forgive me if this post isn't on top form but I am delighted to be able to give my thoughts about the book to you all. The book is… Continue reading The Original Ginny Moon | Book Review

Wedding Series

Wedding Series | Wedding Stationary

The lovely Georgia at Tree of Hearts has kindly provided a discount code for my readers to use online! Just use katylou10 to receive 10% discount on your order! Now that we had decided on a theme for our wedding it was time to think about wedding stationary. We wanted to keep it within the hessian… Continue reading Wedding Series | Wedding Stationary

Wedding Series

Wedding Series | Wedding Theme

With my Wedding only being 4 months away now I am spending a lot of my time doing planning and ticking things off of my to do list. I wanted to blog along the way with a wedding series, I haven't managed to blog until now so there will be an influx of wedding series… Continue reading Wedding Series | Wedding Theme


Here’s to 2017

So... It's been 9 months since my last post.. I've been pretty busy being a Mummy to two children, starting a new job and planning my wedding so blogging has taken a back step. I do however miss writing and I want to get stuck back into it! I didn't know what to do as… Continue reading Here’s to 2017

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Interview With My Boyfriend: Pregnancy & Birth | For The Second Time!

I did two interviews with Jonny about Pregnancy and Birth and Becoming A Dad when we had just had Alfie. Now with a second child on the way I wanted to ask him the same/similar questions and see how his answers differ so here we go... How did you feel when you found out I… Continue reading Interview With My Boyfriend: Pregnancy & Birth | For The Second Time!

Wedding Series

Wedding Series | The Engagement

Me and Jonny got engaged in February 2016 we were on a family holiday at Centre Parcs in Longleat. Me and Jonny had spoke about weddings, considering we already had Alfie and I was pregnant with Lacey it seemed weird not to want to get married! Me and J tell each other everything and aren't… Continue reading Wedding Series | The Engagement


Pregnancy Update | Week 39

Well this is it.. the countdown begins, I am due 1 week today and I really hope my little lady comes on time. Although I could still go up to 2 weeks over due so in theory I could still have 3 weeks left! (sobs) I hate not knowing when she's going to arrive. I… Continue reading Pregnancy Update | Week 39


The Sudden Realisation That I’m Going To Have Two Children..

Oh F*ck. It's actually starting to sink in now that I am pregnant. I only have 6 weeks left to go and with a 2 year old running round annoying me I'm starting to wonder if this is a good idea. I have sat and had the 'I don't know if I can actually do… Continue reading The Sudden Realisation That I’m Going To Have Two Children..


Pregnancy Update | Week 33

So this is it, 7 weeks left now, and I am pretty much ticking off each day as it ends! I feel so big now, she moves around loads in my belly and digs her elbows/feet into my side causing me quite a lot of discomfort! I get so out of breath doing simple tasks,… Continue reading Pregnancy Update | Week 33


Cardooo Cards: The Best Children’s Cards Ever?

As a mummy with lots of friends with children I find myself buying birthday cards most months. I really begrudge spending loads of money on a birthday card when I know a lot of people don't take much notice to cards and they tend to get thrown in the bin a few days after the… Continue reading Cardooo Cards: The Best Children’s Cards Ever?


Pregnancy Update | Week 30

I am now offically 30 weeks pregnant! Only 10 (bet I go bloody overdue though!) more weeks to go! I had another scan at 30 weeks due to having Crohn's Disease (CD) as the medication I take to control my CD could potentially, but very unlikely, prevent my baby from growing properly. It's so nice to get extra… Continue reading Pregnancy Update | Week 30